VIC: Information for High Risk Work

WorkSafe Victoria has issued information about high risk work which explains some of the recent changes to assessment requirements.

High risk work in the construction industry can involve a range of work, from working at heights of more than two metres and removing asbestos to working in trenches or shafts deeper than 1.5m or with powered mobile plant.

To ensure work is carried out safely, a safe work method statement (SWMS) has to be put together to identify all the hazards and risks involved in the work, and then necessary control measures put in place. Employers must also make sure the work is done in accordance with the SWMS and keep a copy of it.

If you or any of your workers carry out high risk work, you also need a high risk work licence.

As of 1 October 2012 there have been some changes to licensing training and assessment requirements.

In order to get a licence for high risk work, you need to enrol into a unit of competency through a registered training organisation (RTO) and complete a competency assessment for your high risk work licence class(s).

Go to for more information about the new assessment instruments and getting a licence to perform high risk work.

It is anticipated this new system will further enhance safety outcomes in Victoria and ensure people have the skills and knowledge to perform high risk work in a safe way.

How do I get my high risk work licence?

You need to:

1. Enrol into a high risk work licensing unit of competency based on the high risk work licence type required. The training must be delivered under the supervision of, or in partnership with, a Licence Assessor/RTO.
2. Undertake the training, which consists of structured/formal and practical training. Training may take several days depending on the high risk work licence class(s) and the training strategy developed by the Licence Assessor/RTO for delivery of training in accordance with the relevant unit of competency.
3. Be assessed by the Licence Assessor/RTO through the use of nationally approved assessment instruments.
4. Be deemed competent and be issued with a ‘Notice of Assessment’..
5. Lodge an application for a high risk licence through Australia Post, and include the ‘Notice of Assessment’ with the application.

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