Study on side airbags for crash protection

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Minister for Roads, Terry Mulder has recently announced the results of a study on the effectiveness of side airbags at the Australian Performance Vehicles (APV) Tech Centre.

The research was conducted by analysing a range of side airbag systems along with police injury crash data in Australia and New Zealand. This was conducted by Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC).

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to improving safety for road users, including encouraging safer vehicle purchases and investigating the effectiveness of safety features,” said Mr Mulder.

“Side impact vehicle crashes are common and harmful, accounting for 25 percent of vehicle occupant casualties and 28 percent of fatalities in Australia.

“The analysis found a dramatic 51 percent reduction in injury to all body regions; a 61 percent reduction in injury to the head, neck, face and chest, and a 53 percent reduction in injury to the head, neck and face.

“There is no doubt that combination airbags are highly effective in reducing injury and death in a crash,” said Mr Mulder.

Vehicle Safety and Policy at VicRoads Manager, Ross McArthur said he was happy to provide this safety information to the Victorian community.

“The results of this study demonstrate just how much of a difference safety features can make in preventing deaths on our roads,” said Mr McArthur.

TAC Chief Executive Officer Janet Dore encourages all Victorians to consider safety first when purchasing a car.

“Side curtain airbags can fully inflate within 15 milliseconds of impact to protect occupants from the vehicle and intruding objects such as poles, trees and other vehicles,” said Ms Dore.

“Drivers should choose a vehicle with proven safety features, such as side airbags, to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of a crash.

“This research shows just how critical safety features such as side curtain airbags can be,” said Ms Dore.

“TAC encourages all drivers to do their homework and put safety features such as side airbags front of mind when buying a car.”

The study is supported by the Commonwealth Government, VicRoads, TAC, the New Zealand Government, Australian and New Zealand motoring clubs including the RACv, and Australian States and Territories.

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