SafetyCulture releases iAuditor 2

SafetyCulture has released iAuditor 2.0 – the app that will further revolutionise workplace auditing.

Rebuilt from the ground up, iAuditor 2.0 offers new features like:

  • Scoring – Ability to score categories and individual responses.
  • Weighting – Ability to place greater importance on certain categories or questions for high priority.
  • Branching & Sub-categories – Ability to add unlimited sub-categories to an item.
  • Dynamic Smart Fields – Ability to create actions to have question sets appear based on the responses being provided.
  • Up to five customised default options – Ability to customise the standard Yes/No/NA responses
  • Image Importing – Ability to import images as part of the template questions
  • References and Links – Ability to include web links and references to documents in template or report.
  • Template Locking – Templates can be locked with a password and not edited.
  • Export dual format csv & pdf option
  • Hyperlinks within a template for reference materials, legislation etc.
  • Custom Document numbering for each device
  • Email subject customisation
  • Default email address embedded in template for completed audits to be sent to
  • Time stamps and date stamps for sections

iAuditor improves workplace safety by allowing users to conduct safety audits through mobile devices removing the hassle of conducting audits using the traditional pen-and-paper system. iAuditor is now one of the most downloaded business mobile applications and is used more than 10,000 times a day not just in Australia but across the world.

“The response from users has confirmed that they are prepared to share and collaborate if they have the technology to do so,” says SafetyCulture Managing Director, Luke Anear.

“Not only does this make inspections faster to perform, the records can be backed up and emailed in seconds instead of being filed and scanned generating mountains of paper.”

SafetyCulture developed the iAuditor to encourage collaboration and information sharing across industries. iAuditor’s cloud sharing ability allows users to share templates, examples of best practices and other ideas.

“The cloud sharing facility within iAuditor means that users can share Audit templates and checklists, for others to access from within the app itself. With 300,000 downloads of shared templates so far, there’s a good chance that no matter what it is you’re about to audit, someone has done something similar and you can benefit from their experience,” says Luke.

iAuditor’s version one was initially released in February 2012 and since then has been used to conduct over 1 million audits all over the world.

iAuditor 2 is now available for free download for iPad and iPhone on Apple App Store.

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