Geelong worker steps up fight against workplace bullying

A worker from Geelong is expected to provide evidence today during a Federal Government inquiry into workplace bullying and will appeal for mandatory reporting to WorkSafe.

Geelong Advertiser reported how the victim was bullied for 18 months at a Geelong business.

“It came as a real shock to me, I had a long work experience and didn’t think anything could get to me, but it knocked me for six,” said the worker.

“I was always confident of my work quality and had other management saying what a good job I was doing but it was generally affecting my health and self-confidence.

“I spoke to HR and management several times and it didn’t get addressed and finally we parted ways.

“I spoke to WorkSafe and Fair Work Australia after but their powers did not extend far enough (to act). No one had the power to do anything so I thought I needed to give them the power.”

The worker is hoping that his efforts would result to significant changes into workplace bullying policies.

“Government contractors should be required to have specific bullying policies and compliance before (getting the job) and WorkSafe should treat (allegations of bullying) the same as an accident or a near miss.”

He has also started a website to create awareness on workplace bullying and to convince workers and businesses to support his petition against workplace bullying.

An inquiry will be conducted by the Standing Committee on Education and Employment on the nature, causes and extent of workplace bullying and will also consider suggestions to address it. The Productivity Commission estimates that workplace bullying costs Australia up to $ 36 billion every year.

WorkSafe spokesman, Michael Birt says allegations of workplace injuries could be logged into their register of injuries. Guidelines and other information on workplace bullying can be accessed through the WorkSafe Victoria website. 



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