Changes to Comcare policy on Psychology/counselling consultations

Comcare is introducing a range of claims management aimed at further improving the services being offered to injured workers.

Counsellors and Psychologists will now be required to get prior approval where they have valid justification for a consultation exceeding 60 minutes.

For those injured workers who have existing approval for treatment, there is no change if consultations are invoiced at a maximum of 60 minutes per consultation, per day. Psychologists/counsellors need to apply for prior approval for any services delivered from 3 September 2012 if extended consultations are required for existing injured workers.

Below are key changes in Comcare policy effective 3 September 2012:

  • Comcare will fund a maximum time-limit of 60 minutes per consultation, per day
  • Prior approval is required before commencing assessment or delivering treatment services greater than 60 minutes per day
  • Prior approval can be sought by completing the psychology/counselling extended consultations request form
  • Invoices for services greater than 60 minutes will be reduced to the 60 minute consultation rate unless Comcare has provided prior approval
  • Policy applies to new and existing injured workers

Psychologists and counsellors have to complete a Psychology/counselling treatment notification plan (TNP) for injured workers who need Psychology/counselling treatment for the first time and when duration of treatment is expected to exceed five sessions. The TNP must be submitted to Comcare by the treating provider before starting the sixth treatment service.

Visit the Comcare website for further information.


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